Friday, May 6, 2011

Toyota Alphard vs Vellfire

Toyota officially released a new car with a twin Alphard impressed Vellfire more sporty than the Alphard. But basically the features of both cars is the same. Only the exterior appearance that might look different between the two. Toyota Vellfire released in the first half of 2009 as a twin of Alphard. Design of two-tiered headlights and grille shape the character makes Vellfire become more sporty appearance and gallant. Interior lighting in Vellfire may be organized into four levels of light thanks to LED technology.Headlamp is made separately with the body lines look stylish. Bumper also combined foglamp dynamic vertical. LED Taillamp styled patterned separately, fitted front and rear cameras for security features.

Vellfire has a length of 4850 mm and 1915 mm wide and 1840 mm high by 2950 mm wheelbase. Vellfire engine of 2400 cc and power 167 hp DOHC 4 cylinder engine has 16 valves. 
While Alphard has particularly long with a width equal to Vellfire height 1830 mm and 1890 mm and 2950 mm wheelbase. For the engine, carrying Alphard 3500 cc engine-powered 276 hp, 6 cylinder DOHC, 24 valves.
But do not guess the first one, Vellfire who have smaller engines than Alphard, certainly more vivid than the Alphard.

The second car features a futuristic and comfortable. Inside is a seven-inch monitor that transmits visual GPRS, and display car anterainment. Also provided coolbox for cooling drinks. The curtains in every window, designed to maintain passenger comfort. Chimney at the roof center to function as air conditioning. Equipped with a complete security facilities. For example GOA skeletal structure that can reduce conflict, there is a radar that will inform you when the car in a collision risk conditions. Also surrounded by seven points to maximize the safety of passenger airbags. 

Available in 2WD and 4WD 2 type. Type of automatic transmission (AT). Fuel Gasoline (Petrol) Passenger capacity Available in 7 and 8 passenger capacity (According to Japanese law) Price: Vellfire: 2400cc 2WD = U.S. $ 38.400. 2400cc 4WD = U.S. $ 40.400. Alphard: 3500cc 2WD = U.S. $ 42.300. 3500cc 4WD = U.S. $ 44.300.(Reported by from various sources)


I am reviewing INDONESIAN Version 2012 Alphard G . USD 90,000 retail .

The following are SHAVED off by Toyota Indonesia . None are published on web so buyers dont really know , even most showroom dealers dont know full specs / differences.

a) I find only 8 speakers in Mine , How many are actually Beryllium ? I see only 2 . The rest are unknown brand . Zero speakers on the 3rd row passenger side .
b) The G version Leather seat . They are only 1/2 leather seat . Door , back side of seat of plastic PVC . even plastic is not the best of PVC . very obvious difference , color not 100% matching the real leather part .
c) Steering : No audio controls
d) No AC 100V socket .
e) No AV, socket on floor consul .
f) LCD roof cut to 9"
g) Head Unit by Panasonic , with Gps by Garmin which is useless for Navigation here.
h) No Led sill plate / laser Alphard LOGO .

I have not checked the Lighting systems yet . Will Publish another time.

Truly hard to believe the all high end Toyota Alphard is using only 1/2 leather .

Really good information? find Japanese Vehicles car Export in malaysia ! Toyota Alphard from Japan .

Сравнение нового Авенсиса с предыдущей версией

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