Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pajero Sport Dakar, brand-new machine is more steady

Pajero Sport Dakar
After introduce new diesel engines DI-D Hi-Power on April 15 last, at last on April 27, yesterday PT Krama Yudha Three Berlian Motors (KTB) introduced a new variant Pajero Sport Dakar SUV in Indonesia using the new diesel engine.Despite carrying the diesel engine type 2.5-liter 4D56 similar to the previous version, but this new engine has more power which PS@4.000 178 rpm, while the previous model 136 PS. Torque becomes greater with the characters 'flat' of 350 Nm between 1800 to 3500 rpm.This can be achieved thanks to various improvements that one of them with the use of the device Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT). This device combined fuel supply system Common Rail Direct Injection technology that has been proven to increase performance and engine efficiency.
Pajero Sport
Excess VGT turbo model is its performance capabilities that have been functioning optimally when the engine is at low to medium rpm rotation. In this turbo tool, there are fins with the angle that can vary so as to suit the needs as well as regulate air pressure as optimal as possible on a wider rpm range."This new machine is offered as an additional option for consumers who need more performance. The 136 PS diesel engines and equipment to be offered to consumers because basically this machine has been good and customers are highly satisfied."Operating says Marketing Director of KTB Eiichi Koito Pajero Sport at the launch of Dakar, on Wednesday (27 / 4).To offset the growing ability of the engine gahar, Dakar Pajero Sport equipped with intelligent automatic transmission second generation Mitsubishi INVECS-II (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) is able to adjust to the character of the driver. This transmission is also equipped with a feature-style operation that can be operated manually via levers behind the steering wheel (paddle shift).Dakar Pajero Sport variant also features Hybrid Limited Slip Differential (LSD) as standard facilities. This facility is commonly used in true off-road vehicles are also increasingly popular use on board luxury sedans on the latest generation.LSD is needed when one of two drive wheels lose traction. If that happens, the device will move the power swivel on wheels mate who still has traction on road surfaces.When observed at a glance, the exterior of the Dakar Pajero Sport does not have many significant changes other than the presence of an electric sunroof and HID headlamps projector lamp model with auto-leveling feature plus a jet washer to clean the headlights.Another difference comes in the form of additional equipment such as outside rearview mirror that can now be folded electrically, fog lamps with chrome rings, rear roof spoiler, muffler cutter, and a new license plate holder.With the presence of this new variant, Pajero Sport line that carries the tagline 'All Round Family SUV' now has 5 variants choice:1. Dakar 4x4 AT DI-D Hi-Power 178 PS (Rp468 million) 2. Exceed 4x2 AT DI-D 136 PS (Rp408 million) 3. Dakar 4x2 AT DI-D 178 PS (Rp378 million) 4. MT 4x4 GLX DI-D 136 PS (Rp361 million) 5. MT GLS DI-D 4x2 136 PS (Rp412 million)The presence of AT 4x4 Dakar DI-D Hi-Power 178 PS variants are also intended to replace the 4x4 AT exceed that now no longer produced by the KTB.On the same occasion, Executive Marketing Director of KTB Rizwan Alam said that with the presence of new variants Dakar Pajero Sport, Mitsubihi increase sales targets Pajero Sport variant which was originally 1,000 units per month to 1400 units per month.(Quoted oto moto share from various sources) 


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