Thursday, July 7, 2011

VW New Beatle

VW New Beetle

United States, in the arena of American Football, NFL Super Bowl next month, Volkswagen plans will show the newest car VW New Beetle 2012. And according to news released last year, VW New Beetle generation is not just a car that evokes memories of the past, but more than that. And there was also that the new VW will look more masculine.
Section looks some exterior changes, such as the body behind the landau and longer and the shape of the bonnet is long and has a flat tip. Unlike the old version that looks short and round. Coupled with a lower roof, making the New Beetle 2012 look like a retro van.
Although still a prototype stage, obviously the style of this New Beetle much affected by the Volkswagen Ragster concept car that first appeared in 2005. 2012 beetle will reportedly use a new IV Golf platform, and allegedly the two cars will share the same power train.
On the machine, a German automobile manufacturer provides three types of machines in New beetle. Among 2.500cc five-cylinder gasoline engine, and 2.00cc four-cylinder. And the engine with hybrid electric systems from e-Mobility program's VW with 1.400cc engine.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Refiew CBR 250 vs Ninja 250 vs Hyosung GT250R Motorcyclist Version

If in my previous posts have discussed the comparison of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Honda CBR 250r, this time I quote directly from Motorcyclist magazine which is an American magazine. There is an interesting discussion this time, because this is a discussion of the closest competition is the third motor. Among the three motors, all the specifications do not seem much different from those in Indonesia.
Things we need to peel first is about the ergonomic, see picture below:

Ergonomic CBR250
Ergonomic GT250R
Ergonomic Ninja 250R
Of the three different motors, the Hyosung looks more sporty than the others. Reach hand in GT250R is the most 76.5 inches long. Then the CBR with a range of only 67.3 inches looks more friendly for Asian riders who have on average a small range, and Ninja 1cm longer than the CBR is also still quite friendly to ride rider rider-asia.
For bending the legs, back GT250R looks very Racy at an angle 89.1 with the shortest distance of 44.5 cm. while the CBR and Ninja has the same seat-footpeg that is equal to 47.5cm, but the CBR is wider angle of 91.6 degrees.
If you see a dyno comparison of the results conducted by Motorcyclist, then we can know that the CBR 250r motors are the most torqi at the bottom and middle RPM. At three thousand RPM, torque has been above 10 lb.ft, while the GT250R is at number 10 lb.ft and Ninja are under 10 lb.ft. . . With this it was concluded that the CBR could dominate the drag on low-mid rpm to 400 meter than others. Dyno check below. . .

For top power, held by the Ninja 250R with a 24.6 figure bhp@10.250 rpm measured at the rear tire. And Ninja has other advantages with the lack of vibration at high RPM. According to Motorcyclist, the CBR engine 250 will begin to vibrate the rear view mirror and began to be felt in footpage at 10,500 rpm RPM start.
Data Performa GT 250R
Data Performa Ninja 250R

Data Performa CBR 250R
We see now the third straight test this motor with the ¼ mile drag race (650 meters) from rest in the streets. Results. . . Ninja 250R is the fastest bike with him after a record time of 15.3 seconds with a top speed of 135.4 km / hr. By trying the last gear acceleration from 96.5 km.jam up to 128.75 km / h Kawasaki Ninja only takes 6.3 seconds.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Sporty Yellow for Bumblebee

Camaro Bumblebee
Chevrolet Camaro, which is used by Hollywood as a character in a movie Bumblebee Transformer. Now this yellow chevy will be back in action again in the third Transformers film is Dark of the Moon. For the production of the film, took out Chevrolet Camaro model year 2012 special edition of Transformers. In 2009 it launched the Chevrolet Camaro is a special edition of Transformers. For the special edition this time, the United States car manufacturers are showing the Camaro coupe in yellow and black lines typical of bumblebee. And is available in 2 types, 2LT and 2SS.
Characteristics are also located on the Transformers movie Autobot logo is also affixed to the body of this Camaro. With the dominance of yellow color, this special edition is also more sporty again with a special rear spoiler and black rims measuring 20 ".
In this July instead of the Chevrolet Camaro could start in the message, but only will be sent in September. With the additional price of U.S. $ 3,000 from the standard price, the buyer can buy this special edition car.
From the news spread, this special edition in addition marketed in the United States and Canada will also be marketed in Latin America, Europe, Japan, China and the Middle East.

Toyota Camry cars are quite popular American Society.

Cars from Japan since 1982, was introduced to its main markets, the U.S. and Australia. And begin to reach selling car in America in 1997 to 2000, and in 2002 until now. Toyota Camry is a car produced by the upper middle class and up to six generations. Lately the car from the country's sunrise back at enjoy doing in American society according to the percentage of domestic sales, announced 
"Of the various cars on the raft in the United States, for example, assembled using spare parts from some other parts like many American cars are assembled in Canada.In a global economy, it is not easy to determine how well the car in America, "said editor. 
"Meanwhile, non-American manufacturers have opened factories in America. Our index of multiple sources can be used as a guide to guide their purchases. "He continued. 
Japanese car manufacturers also have other models that occupy the top 10 selling U.S. car market, namely the Chevrolet Malibu (position 3), the Chevy Traverse (position 8), Tundra (9), GMC Acadia (10), and Honda is in two places top 10 . 
With such conditions, then the Toyota production requires a higher level and requires great American workforce to meet the total sales is higher, so the Camry remains a very popular vehicle. 
Meanwhile, I personally estimate that the Toyota Camry sedan is ideal for people of Indonesia in the coming years. CMIIW. . . 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ducati Motor Sales Diavel Very Impressive.

Ducati Diavel have really changed the perception of the market, by offering luxurious design but still has a superior performance. With a 160bhp V-twin engine, and supported by the level of braking of a Super bike, this motor has a high degree of stability.
Approximately 5,000 units have been produced by Ducati Diavel the manufacturer of motor sport. And it's all sold out in major markets Ducati until next September. Ducati profit of 69 million pounds has ranged from just one model.
From news is, there is still the official registration request Diavel in large numbers. Ducati has received requests from importers around the world which would then be reported back to the Italian Ducati.
Ducati Diavel had plans to produce as many as 8,000 units in the first year. Total production of motorcycles is increasing up to 4700 units. With a record 3200 units all over the world officially registered . A total of 2800 units of reservations is a version of carbon. Ducati peg the the price of £ 12,995 for the standard model Diavel in the UK,and 15,495 pounds for the Black Carbon ,while for Diavel Red Carbon pegged the price of 15.895 pounds .

Waw. . . Manufacturer Motor Sport Mechanics Were Girls.

It may still be a general assumption that a woman does not deserve to do men's work. But this is surprising. . . Really unusual thing for one of the sport bike manufacturer Ducati. How could I not. . . Ducati has a female mechanic, and this for the first time Ducati hire a woman as a mechanic. Hannah Johnson was the first female mechanic who could take care of a Ducati. Hannah Johnson who is now 26-year-old has been officially certified as a Master Technician Ducati mechanic. You do not believe? Yahh. . . May have been mechanical woman to a motor sport there is only in the movies only. But this turned out to be real evidence that women deserve equated with men.
Hannah Johnson grew up in families who never have children of a man. "I grew up in a small family, and dad never had a boy. So guess who helped fix bikes and old cars in the garage?, "She said.
"I'm from small-are used to fix something, I have a good teacher. I do not know how to damage the goods. I only know how to fix it, " She added in the video that was launched autoevolution.
Well. . . So Hannah Johnson, when a woman in general accustom themselves to primp and go to the salon to beautify themselves, this is contrary to the habits of Hannah Johnson. He did not commonly painted nails, and only used oil that is usually attached to the nails. "I'm proud of it, that's what I do, I'm not the type of girl who sits behind a motorcycle," she said laughing.
Hmm ... what does not, Hannah's personal ride is a Ducati Multistrada. "Being a motorcycle rider gives the freedom I need," he said. Besides Multistrada, Hannah also has various other Ducati motorcycle in his garage, Ducati 1098R or a Ducati 848. Hannah is already five years as a mechanic in Ducati Miami and reportedly he was just promoted to Service Manager.
At the first level, the mechanics are only allowed to perform routine inspection, do the set-up a new motor or learning system specifically Ducati.
And at the second level, new mechanics are trained to perform engine overhaul procedures, diagnosis of electronic systems, and DSS (Ducati Diagnostic System) using diagnostic tools and training related software.
While at level three, the mechanics taught by four seminars which Electronic Advanced Course Ducati, Ducati Engine blueprinting Course conducted by Meyers Performance.Ducati Dynamometer Course conducted by DynoJet, and Ducati Suspension Course conducted by Ohlins USA.
In the United States to obtain a certificate as a mechanic Ducati course there are several levels that must be passed. Of course, as the mechanical performance Ducati Hannah is quite very proud. Hopefully, more and more mechanical-mechanical another woman. . . Let me not get bored to the garage. Hihihii. CMIIW ..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Honda spacy Sales Reports First month. . . Shocking Bro !!!!!???

The roads in his blog uncle Taufik can fairly new info. . . as that was launched in, said the data obtained from Mr. Edo. In the month of May yesterday there are a total of 351 thousand units sold matic, it's from various brands. And Honda control about 51.76%, followed by Yamaha with the sale to weaken, while Suzuki sales slightly uphill. Well. . . Honda deserved Matic sales ranked first. Because Honda constantly pounding the Indonesian market with matic assault troops Honda team (it is only the parable of the uncle Taufik). And the recently released Honda is spacy, the motor is capable of distributed about 8% or about 27 thousand units yesterday in last May.Mean while, word got out that Honda spacy targeted only 25 thousand units per month.Which means sales of Honda spacy this month succeeded Over Target. Well,,,surprisingly enough bro!!?
But without question, the data contained in a new variant of Honda climbed 25 thousand.However, the increase in total only about 8-10 thousand. Nah. . . not balanced right?IMHO. . . if in logic, an increase in Honda Honda spacy lead to any other variants are "sacrificed. " Why? . . . which of course I do not know, but if this might indeed be thought of Honda's own strategy.


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